Gyno problems ..... Your thoughts

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Lumpectomy in march, 7 weeks of radiation, started tomaxafin in july, stopped periods and have had no bleeding, not thru menopause yet according to blood results. Experiencing pelvic pain since september. Had transvaginal ultrasound in october. Showed thickning of lining. Had d&c nov 16 to scrap endo lining and had uterine polyps removed. Yesterday I had cat scan and I have a 4 cm ovarian cyst. Do these grow overnight. Dont understand why they didnt show up on other tests since my pelvic pain never went away. Any one have similar stories and what was treatment.


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    I had ovarian cyst many
    I had ovarian cyst many years ago. I know what you are going through very very painful.. I suffered with mine for a year. then I finally had to have a hysterectomy ( complete hysterectomy )The Dr back then and before surgery told me I had cancer. But I found out later it was just cyst and infection from the cyst. the infection was so bad with mine that it had destroyed one ovary and both ovarian tubes. I was glad to have the hysterectomy and be done with it all. But it did throw me into menopause for eleven years LOL. I also had endometriosis on the out side of the uterus. ( it should always in inside ) They said I had lesions on the inside of my abdomen and one on my liver. All turned out well thou. I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Take care Kay
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    I use to get ovarian cysts
    I use to get ovarian cysts before the hysterectomy, but I was 30 when I had the hysterectomy, 14 years before being dx with bc. But yes, I would get horrible pain in my abdomen and each time it was cysts. After the hysterectomy I thought it would all be done with, but then I grew scar tissue which really hurt when I would run or exercise so.. I was hemorraging so bad that after 4 second opinions I had the hysterectomy. I really wanted a third baby at the time, but it was not to be. I am very blessed with my two beautiful boys!