More positive news...

Hi Everyone,
Dad had his endoscopy yesterday and they found that the pyloric valve needed another shot of Botox, but the blockage was gone. He is now able to begin soft foods for a couple of days then whatever. (Although he is goign to be very cautious.)

There apparently are no signs to watch for to see if the valve is not opening properly again, but he knows the feeling if he can't put any food down his throat now.

The PET scan results will be in on Monday.

So where other people had to stretch or dialate the esophagus, he is going to have to have shots of Botox from time to time or not....

Dad is in awesome spirits and their week long camping trip for Christmas is ON! Mom needs it just as much as he does!

I keep saying it is just over 2 months since the surgery...TWO months...NOT 8-10 months...He has made huge strides and is now trying to get enough energy to get his strength, muscle and weight back.

Beth :)
Daughter of Roy
Ivor Lewis 10/07/11