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I am beginning to wonder when I will finish radiation treatments.
Since my toxic reaction to 5 FU chemo. each blood test taken, the neutrophils continue to drop, yesterday the level was 0.4, radiation has been canceled again for this week. So far have only completed 2 weeks of radiation,
My radiation Oncologist had said no more 5 FU too dangerous after this last episode. Now the chemo Onc insists I should try 5 FU again, I told them no, they insist there is no other chemo they could use, surely there must be other chemo drugs that can be used. Has anyone else had toxic reaction to 5 FU, what chemo drugs did you use.
Radiation Onc always listens is kind and gentle I really trust him, but Chemo Onc has a one track mind her way that's it.
I did enquire about the DPD enzyme test and was told they have never had to do it.. isn't there always a first time.
Sorry to whine so much but always feel re assured when reading the posts here.



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    Hi Cali!
    So sorry to hear that your woes continue with treatment. As for another chemo in place of the 5FU, I'm not aware of one. Mitomycin, the other chemo most commonly used, can be substituted with Cisplatin. However, since your issues are with the 5FU, this is of no help to you. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this--I know how frustrating it must be not to be able to get finished with treatment. I can't imagine why your chemo doc is wanting to subject you to more severe adverse reactions by giving you 5FU again. I have read that in some cases, radiation is all that is needed to resolve tumors, so perhaps you should talk to your rad onc about this. I'm not sure what stage you are, but if your tumor is small, perhaps your disease can be totally zapped by radiation alone. I'm not an M.D., so I'm just going by what I have read, but perhaps it's worth asking about.

    Please don't apologize for venting--you are totally allowed!
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    Whining allowed here!
    Whining allowed here! However, you do not seem to be whining, just asking for info and reassurance. The Suggestion MP327 just gave about talking to your Rad Doc sounds awfully good to me....

    I also was neutropenic, but after tx was finished, or IF sooner I was not told. I also had 5FU. (with Cisplatin). At 7 weeks post tx I am doing really well.

    This is scary stuff we go through. Let us know what you decide, ok? Hugs