Freida & Bill

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Hope this finds you and Bill doing ok @ MD Anderson. You must be super busy with all of the tests.

Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you both and hoping some of your questions are getting answered.



  • Freida
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    Long Day
    Hi Judy
    I had just PM'd you. We are unexpectedly in another hospital for the night. As MDA is so backed up they arranged for him to go to another hospital in Clearlake to have his EUS done. Went today for the preop workup today and they did the EKG and freaked out. Did another, and sent Bill straight to the ER as they thought he was having a heart attack. We spent 8 hours in the ER. Even though the EKG indicated a heart attack, the other tests were good and they don't think he had a heart attack after all but decided to admit him overnight for observation. So here we are in the heart tower of the Clearlake hospital. Thankfully, they still plan to do the EUS in the morning. Hopefully we will get to go home afterwards (well to my friend's house).

    We are all calmed down now. At first we were both really upset and a bit teary - kind of wondering what on earth will go wrong next. I told Bill he needs to stop going to doctors - he feels fine and they keep telling him he has all these things wrong with him - cancer, heart attack - what the heck next.

    And the ER was freezing!

    SO no new news yet.

    Have you and Don found out anything about treatment plans yet?