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I had 2 tumors in one breast. They were different types of cancer. The onco sent one off for further testing. The percent of recurrance was 7%. I had lumpectomy and reduction and reconstruction. I will be doing radiation and then tamoxifen. People looked at me like I was crazy when I said I didn't want to do radiation, however I have decided to go ahead.

I am tired and depressed. I have been having anxiety attacks. My radiologist says I need to talk with my regular doctor. She's a doctor. She says it isn't her expertise on how medications will mix. I'm already taking zoloft prior to all of this. I don't want to see another doctor. I've already been off of work enough. Do the doctors not realize what it is to work a schedule which isn't flexible?

At least they made my rad appts after work.


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    I was dx 3/29/2010, IDC,
    I was dx 3/29/2010, IDC, lumpectomy - no node involvement, had partial-breast rads 6/2010. I've been on Tamoxifen since 8/2010. I was taking Paxil for anxiety before I was dx. The diagnosis itself can cause the tiredness, depression, and anxiety. Then throw in the treatment and the worry of missing too much work. I don't know what type of work you do, and it's easier said than done, BUT.. you HAVE to take all the time you need. You need your treatments, follow-ups, and REST so you can heal. If you skimp on any of this time, it will affect you later. You will be run-down and could need even more time. As for the Zoloft, I believe that's one of the meds that does not mix with Tamoxifen. I had to switch to Effexor from the Paxil. My oncologist was the one who switched my anxiety meds.

    I ran out of sick time months ago, and used up all my accrued vacation last month. I have been sick for most of November. Had pneumonia and had to take Leave without pay. All I could think about each day was the money I was losing, instead of just resting and getting better. And I feel guilty in general missing work. I feel like out of all the people my supervisor interview for my job, he got the 'sick' girl. I need to get over it and do what I have to do to get better.

    Please let us know how you are doing! I know it's frustrating, scary, tiresome, etc. You've come to the right place for support!

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    sorry to hear you are
    sorry to hear you are frazzled...I did my radiation on my lunch hour...(at start of it work was great...do what you need -4 days into it..NO you can't leave for treatments)

    Try a journal..? sounds silly but helped me in HIND sight...

    Thinking of you..