thoughts by caretakers for cancer patients

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I went to a counseling session for my mom today at the cancer center and my mom told him that she feels guilty that she is being a burden on the rest of the family especially me because I'm spending all my days and nights being with her. I told her that being with her all day is not a burden. So here are some thoughts from the caretaker's side. I'm addressing this to my mom but I'm sure other caretakers would feel the same

* follow the treatment plan that is prescribed by the doctors. Please don't fight it. We want to cure or slow down the cancer.
* it is okay to be taken care of in times of need. You took care of everyone else for all your life.
* it makes me feel better when we get to help and see how you are doing everyday
* it's a privilege to spend time with you. I will never regret this special time together
* the treatment plan with complications has beaten your emotions. but please smile every once in a while if at all possible
* we love you. we love you. it is an adjustment to be a caretaker but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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    So well said!

    All I can say is "ditto"! You said it so very well.

    All our love,