post surgery update

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Surgery was scheduled for noon on Friday unfortunately they had to wait three hours for the davinci then once he got in and found my little bugger it was what he thought. It was entangled in the viens and arteries that feed the kidney so his choice was not to take the kidney because the tumor was so small he froze and killed the little bugger. Not sure how I feel about that but have done alot of research seems more follow up and after care, but I really had no choice he had told me this going in either a partial or cyro were going to be his choices but would know until he got in to see it. Have to trust he new what he was doing, follow up with him on Friday to get the path results and stuff. He said he got it all, for the most part recover hasn't been bad once I got over the anthestic part of the surgery and being out for over 3 hours. It behind me now, time to start moving, back to work hopefully before christmas. Sleeping is the pits but getting better, moving is okay still have the numbness from the back issues but he did clean out some scar tissue so the bloating seems a bit better. I'll check back in after I see him on Friday to let everyone know. Again thanks for all the support from this group.


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    Welcome back!!!
    Hi Linn,

    Very good to hear that everything has gone smoothly so far and you are doing so well. I'm sure your pathology report will further support that you can expect to be around for a long long time. Give yourself a least two weeks of R&R and let all systems recover and return to go before worrying about work, remember the scars may be small but the surgery was not.

    Keep us posted,