When will the bloating go away and when will I feel better

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I am only 12 days out of having a laprascopic nephrectomy. I no longer have pain where the incisions are, but my digestive system seems to be the problem. The bloating is what is causing the pain. My doctor seems to think, I should not take any more pain medication. However, I'm very uncomfortable and becoming depressed. I'm curious what others experience with length of pain and pain medication has been after this procedure.


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    Things will get better

    Each of us had our own aches and pains following the surgery. Your exact recovery has to do with your age, health, difficulty of surgery, etc. Things do get better. There are some lenghthly posts where many of us discuss the ups and downs of recovery from the surgery. Your particular aches and pains are within the ballpark. In a few weeks you will feel much better than today. Anything which you feel is unusual take it up with your doctor.

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