Scans Day, Saturday

So I had my three-month PET/CT scans today. They were supposed to be yesterday, but the machines at Georgetown were down, so I went instead today. I have appointments scheduled to discuss the scans, so I wanted to get them over.

Like everybody, I'll always be apprehensive about getting those scans. The first time, they confirmed the cancer, as well as a non-cancerous spot on my thyroid, something on my pituitary gland (which I've just ignored, for the moment) and that the tumor was small but in a really difficult place. My post-surgery/node removal scan showed some spots that concerned the Radiologist, so they had me do more radiation. It's hard not to be pessimistic about what scans are going to serve, no matter how optimistic I am usually and how well my treatments and recovery went.

So now the wait. It is oddly a relief to have it over, I guess because I know that whatever the scans show we know that's what it is. Some uncertainty will be over. Oy.


  • Hondo
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    Hi Marty
    I know what you mean I go on the 8th for my PET scan but I did so many they just don’t worry me anymore, or atlases that is what I keep telling myself. I pray that everything will be clean for you this time.

  • sweetblood22
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    ...the wa-ai-iting is the haaaaaardest pa-art....
    Mr Tom Petty said it best. Or sang it, I suppose. The waiting sucks. Hope you get good results.
  • Jimbo55
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    1st Scans

    Yeah those 1st scans especially can get you a bit apprehensive to say the least. Good point about the uncertainty being over, at least usually. I had my 1st scan at 6 months and it showed a hot spot still. I didn't get a totally clean scan until 1 year after treatment ended. The docs surmise now that it was most likely some lingering inflammation showing up, which is not that uncommon with head and neck cancers.

    I think it's a good sign that your treatment and recovery went well. Hoping for the best results for you. Cheers.

  • mixleader
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    Waiting On Scans
    Good luck, Marty, on your scan results. Waiting is hell, isn't it? I go tomorrow to hear the results of my scan I had last Monday. Best wishes and prayers that yours is good news.