finally some anwers about my side effects

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Well I went to my onc today, first visit with her in 2 months. For the most part I have been seeing my gastro doc. But, I asked her about setting up a regimen for platelets and plasma, and this is what I found out. I can't do it because platelets only have an effect in the body for 5 - 6 days. Because I'm in the "1%" category, they only live in my body for 2 - 3 days. My spleen has gotten so big, it just destroys them as fast as I get them. Like I said, they had me up to 129 on Sunday, and today I was at 39. I can not get a drainage tube as opposed to the draining every week or so because in addition to removing the fluids, it also takes away alot of protein. That's whats causing the poor circulation in my legs. So I will probably have to call in the next few days to have the parecentis again. I don't see my gi doc until the 19th and I know I will explode before then. After all these months of tx, I was never apparently tested for hep c, but when it came back positive in August it has accelerated very quickly. where I never had any problems with my liver before all the tx and the meds, it seems now I have chronic liver damage. My onc said she's never seen it attack so aggressively and as quickly as mine has. So that is where I stand now. They haven't given me the ole "you've got this many months to live" yet, but I think it's coming. On the upside of things, my butt has improved dramatically in the past couple of months. I still have to be close to a bathroom at all times, but it is now just a tiny bit uncomfortable to go where before I felt like I was dying each tin=me I had a bowel movement. So...some good with the bad. I also gave up thinking I was Wonder Woman, and now take pain meds. I hope this helps anyone who has had unanswered questions like I did. And this forum has helped me thru many, many rough times. I will certainly keep y'all updated on changes, just know that I will take one day at a time and enjoy what God gives me. Prayers, Melodie


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    Hi Melodie--
    I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of these things. I wish you could get some relief and some answers. You continue to be in my prayers.
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    I'm so sorry for all you've been through. Now you have some answers and I know you said you have the hep c and are having liver problems. My brother-in-law was treated for hep c about 5 years ago and has been in remission ever since. I know that there are treatments and I hope that you'll be able to have them to put the hep c in remission. The liver is an organ that can repair itself (amazing) and grow back if part of it is taken away. I pray that you will keep healing and it sounds like your anal area is healing, which is great. Keep us posted. Lori.