When to say ok it's enough

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I'm from the Midwest, NW IN, right outside of Chicago. We only get Chicago news, we are on Chicago time. Today the city said good bye to Maggie Daley, former first lady of Chicago for 22 years. For 9 years she gallantly battled metasized breast cancer. She had all the cancer treaments, surgeries. It was all done at Northwestern where a wing is named after her.

We always saw her smiling. With crutches a cane, a walker, a wheelchair. Always, she was smiling. She was 68 when she passed on Thanksgiving evening with her family beside her. Her daughter Elizabeth moved her wedding up from New Year's Eve to a week before Maggie passed so her mother and father could walk her down the aisle.

Major Daley chose not to run for re eceltion and it was because of his wife's health.

So where is this going. She did all she could and she outlived her prognosis by 6 years but she also knew when she couldn't fight any more.

So today she buried out of Old St. Patrick's with the Catholic funeral mass. With a name like Daley what else.

Only the lucky ones can choose when they pass. Only the lucky ones can decide when to say enough. Most of us won't be that lucky. It doesn't seem like it's lucky but it is. You can prepare for it, say what needs to be said. My father died of a heart attack on the golf course. No time to say anything. My mother spent 2 and half years paralized on one side with a stroke, we had time talk. But then she was gone.

Take it one day at time. Pray a lot. I sure do. No one knows but God when our time is. In out parish church is a banner...it says be ready.



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    Lovely post and a good
    Lovely post and a good message. I wholeheartedly agree. This is not the place for us - it's what has been prepared for our arrival that is "the place". We're just so afraid of what is unknown to us. Also, we're selfish - we want those we love with us. Like you, we lost our dad to a heart attack. The last thing I did with my dad was to hug him on the Sunday before when I left after visiting. He died the following Wednesday -- one of those 2 a.m. calls.

    This time with my mom will be well spent even if we argue about meds and pharmacies!