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Hello Ladies, I just wanted to drop in to say Hello. I view the posts occasionally, and I send my prayers to those sister who are not doing well.
For those of you that remember I was concerned that my white blood count would never go up again, it was over 1 year and just staying down (2.3 to 2.9)and the nuetraphils were low too. It was really annoying me! Well I'm here to say all of the numbers finally went up to 3.8 after more than 1 year off of chemo. :)! I hope this will help other so I just want to share what I did...perhaps this helped me or my body just finally recovered from all the chemo poison. I don't know but I had a unsweeten Lifetime protien shake every other day, ate cottage cheese everyday, greek plain yogart everyday, alot of mushrooms (few x's per week),2 egg whites daily and whole egg 2x wk, vit.B's, zinc. Just alot of protien and a daily afternoon nap, try not to stress, exercise (walking about 2 miles just a few times a week.
I want to post this so those of you who are waiting will know eventually it will come back as many sisters here told me that it would. It just takes time.
Now I will get my port out very soon. Just waiting for doc's approval.
Love to everyone.


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    That's great Annette! It
    That's great Annette! It sounds like what you are doing worked! Wishing you continued good health!

    Hugs, Leeza
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    White Blood Counts
    Hi Annette,

    My WBC took a long time to recover also after chemotherapy.

    I am still on a form of chemotherapy. After being on this drug for over 5 years, I am doing a little bit better. My drug is an immune suppressor for another disease, not for my cancer as I am ER+.

    I keep all my blood results and then enter them on a spreadsheet. I now know when to worry and when not be to concern.

    I have found that there is always something off the mark. As long as my doctor reports that she is aware of it. Often she does prescribe another pill form remedy. :(

    Best wishes to you,