My poor hubby cant catch a break...MRSA now

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Oh my. well my husband was diagnosed the middle of sept. He had a neck dissection and skin/vein graft from his wrist for his inside cheek and a graft from his leg to cover the arm. It all went very well, we spent 8 days in the hospital and then came home. We didnt make it to his first check up, he got an infection in his neck and swelled up like crazy and had a red rash all over his face. I took him to the ER and they admitted him again on Nov.20th, they washed it out and did a CT. He had 2 pockets of infection so they scheduled him for surgery. He also had a hematoma in his graft arm. On Tuesday he had his 2nd operation and they said they cleaned it out really good. He got out of the Hospital Weds. Well yesterday he started to do the "Marlon Brando" again so I called his DRs office this morning and they tell me the results for the cultures they took during the last surgery showed positive for MRSA and NOONE CALLED TO TELL US! AAARGH!! Good thing I called today and the DR on call checked! She changed his antibiotic to Bactrim for the MRSA and says if he is worse tomorrow to bring him back to the ER and they will admit him. Poor guy.
Will this new sntibiotic help him or is it going to take him going back and getting IV meds to get him better ???


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    Link below
    Hi Scamps,

    When it rains, it pours. Sorry you're having to deal with this
    on top of everything else.

    I did some quick research and some forms of MRSA are susceptible to
    Bactrim. I pasted a link below with some info. If he doesn't respond,
    they may have to use IV antibiotics based on what I read.

    It also has guidelines for caregivers.

    MRSA Treatment

    Hugs and positive thoughts,

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