Thank you all for your responses

My name is Peggy. I am the one with husband Tim stage 4 b, we decided no more chemo had 1 hospice visit so far. I got the pain patch for Tim because I figured with mets to liver the patch would be better than all those pills. 2nd opinion doc said about two months. We are taking one day at a time. Had family here from out of state- the visit priceless - we had thanksgiving on Sunday. Lots of blessings through all this pain. Husband's employer bringing CEO award ceremony to our home next week and our children will be presented with their father's CEO ring . What a beautiful memory for us. God is gracious and has never left us. I feel I know a lot of you. I don't post often has been busy but I do check up on you all. I send you my love . Chantal Eric daisylin . Peggy


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    Everything from the special Thanksgiving, to the CEO ceremony, sound so beautiful and kind I am moved to tears just reading your post...

    Sounds like you may have more time together than just right now. Keep in mind (along with the fact Michelle will remind you very quickly that I don't accept reality well at times) when it comes to EC, and doctor's estimates of time left together, they can be wrong.

    They are humans and people too. They gave me 4-6 months. We are on month 5 and I feel more alive than ever. Thank God for pain meds, and these new steroids though. But you, I hope, will have time to be together long past the "real" Thanksgiving, if you ask me, but I am so glad you are doing things NOW, so they are not missed!!

    This is a great time of memory making and I'm with you in such strong spirit. Keep up the great care giving and celebration of his beautiful life!! He deserves this time with the accolades, love, family support and all of this for sure! What a man I 'see', and I have never met or seen him. You all deserve this energy and love, as a flower opening together and the beauty all in the bloom right now, at the very moment, together.

    I am SO glad the whole family is all there!

    God bless you all. I wish you more time and more time for these memories, and a beautiful week. How fitting YOU have all made the meaning of the word and celebration of THANKSGIVING! YOU have all taught me something here I have LEARNED!

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    Beautiful tribute

    What a beautiful tribute. Take lots and lots of photos! Hugs.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.