No news, good news??

Hi boys,
i take it that is all quiet on this discussion board for the right reasons....i certainly hope so! James is currently negotiating with his Dr for the next round of chemo, and then the dreaded next battery of tests. thats going to tell up alot about how this disease is progressing. we are both quietly feeling ill about that. the tests are scheduled for mid december....just in time for Xmas!!! Ho Ho Ho
I hope you're all going well....we're approaching summer over here which means you're headed for lovely winter....brrrrrrr


  • sangora
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    Hate Test Times
    I know we have to be monitored and all, but I hate the CT scans. They tell the absolute truth of the situation. For 2 days before the test, I sleep very little and am usually a train wreck by the time I get to the hospital for the scan and wait 2 days to get the results. I realize this is a stupid statement, but try to relax and not worry. Enjoy the time you have now. Have a great week. Sam