Help understanding Cat scan not yet diagnosed!

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I was wanting to see if anyone could help me understand the CT report? I had went to Er last week with lower right abd pain thinking maybe appendix. Labs normal and urine normal. They did CT scan which showed cyst on ovary causing my pain. The doctor also told me they were more concerned with my left kidney but they could not tell if mass or infection. Suggested antibiotics then rescan in a few weeks. I have no signs of infection but am doing as instructed. I just have this feeling something is wrong. Went and got copy of CT report today. Here is the conclusion

2.0 CM diameter r ovarian cyst or prominent follice

2.1 CM diameter area of decreased enhancement in lower pole of left kidney and subtle decreased enhancement of the adjacent coretex may represent an infectious etiology and small phlegmon. The possibility of renal malignancy or a benign neoplasm such as oncocytoma is not entirely exluded. Progress studies are suggested perhabs ater antibiotic treatment and this finding should be correlated clinically.

I am very nervous about this but I really feel like it is not an infection. I have high blood pressure and take a diuretic for swollen ankels and legs.


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    Ask the doctor
    It is obvious that the CT report says that they can not rule out Kidney Cancer, but whether that means you have a 2% chance of Kidney Cancer or 50% chance that is something that you have to ask your doctor or the radiologist. Having said that whether 2 % or higher, at 2.1 cm you have an excellent prognosis even if Kidney Cancer and you are going to lead a very normal life.For now worry about addressing the possible infection.