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Good morning! Had to share htat my husbands j-tube was removed on thursday. We are beginning to believe we will survive this thing! He has eaten better since tube came out. he had to chose between getting new tube (old one malfunctioning) or getting it out. I don't think it was even a tough call. He was taking 1200 calories by mouth. Does anyone need Peptamen or Peptamen 1.5 for j-tube feeding? I have boxes of the stuff!


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    Good News!!

    Great to hear he got rid of that pesky tube. I know I was happy to get rid of mine. No matter how hard I tried to be careful I always seemed to get it stuck in my cloths when I was getting dressed. Plus I think it was a constant reminder of how fragile I was. I know a feeding tube can be a great option for someone who needs it, but when you can eat on your own it is great to have it gone!!!

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    Congrats on getting rid of the tube
    What a nice milestone! My dad has only had his in 2 weeks and hates is already. It always seems to be in the way. Right now he is just doing Ensure in his feeding tube but I'm not sure what the future holds. Not sure how soon he'd need the Peptamin but I'm sure he'd be happy to have it on hand. I don't know how to contact you offline but feel free to contact me at