Stomach Cancer - my pregnant daughter's husband just diagnosed, he is only 28

I am so distraught, my daughter is six months pregnant with their first baby and her husband has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer, he is only 28. They said it was a large tumour and they are not going to operate, I assume that means it must be pretty bad. I just don't know what to expect and I wondered also if he had the helicobacter pylori could that have affected my daughter or the baby. I am suspecting that he has not got much of a chance, what does anyone think ? They said there are 'patches in the tissue' which they have not done a biopsy on yet, what does that mean? So very sad for a young couple who were just starting out :(


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    Stomach Cancer
    I can completely relate! My husband who is 46 was just diagnosed last month, he is already at stage 4 since it has spread to his bones which is very painful. He also had HP pylori which was found and treated 2 months earlier. I don't know what to think or what to do. No one will tell me what his chances really are or how long they think he has. I know alot will depend on how he handles Chemo. As hard as it is I know I have to be strong for my kids and I have to try and take a little time for me. It is very very hard to do and I feel for your daughter being pregnant it will be that much harder. I pray that your son in laws has not spread yet.
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    Early Diagnosis
    Early Diagnosis is key. My Father was Diagnosed right at stage which point the care is just Pallative Meaning they can't be cured but can be treated symptomatically, He went through several rounds of chemo, and even radiation when he lost functioning of his leg. Faith is so important. Sadly I lost my dad on September 20th after a 19 month battle with this dreaded disease but know they won't give you a timeline, mostly for your own peace of mind and your son in laws will to fight. Everyones battle is different. If you would like feel free to contact me at anytime. I was my dad's sole caregiver for 10 months and I know what we went through.

    Sending healing thoughts...

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    so sorry to hear, my mum was
    so sorry to hear, my mum was diagnosed a week ago with stage 4, its spread to ovaries and all around the colon and bowel, they have offered chemo tablets if she wants to do it.
    hope they have some answers for you, i ask lots of q's and if i dont understand i try to ask more. she also had the HP but it was ages ago

    good luck oxoxo