Femara and rads at the same time?

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On Thursday I was given Femara to start taking. I've done that. Since then, I got to thinking that maybe I shouldn't have started until I'm through with radiation. I'll be through on Tuesday so maybe it isn't a big deal. Does anyone know if it's okay that I take Femara before being done with radiation? I'd call the doctor but it's the weekend and I feel kind of silly bothering him over something like this.



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    I was told to start my
    I was told to start my Femara the day of my last rads treatment BUT you're so close to being done that's probably why they started you now. BTW it's never silly to question something that might have an effect on your health. Call if it makes you feel better!
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    Femara and rads at same time
    I started Femara a week after starting rads. I had started rads one week after the last chemo. Dr. T. said that as I'm IBC that needed to be on it ASAP as it works throughout the body while the rads only work on the area being radiated - not the rest of body. Made sense to me.

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    Aromatase Inhibitors
    Radiation does not effect your taking a hormonal therapy. I began taking Arimidex six weeks before radiation. Postponing radiation that long was my choice of date. The radiation oncologist and I bargained on which date we would begin. We compromised.

    I used Femara for 26 months. I did have bone and joint pain but not everyone experiences those side effects. I did not have it on Arimidex.

    Best wishes with radiation and on Femara.

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    E-mailed doctor
    I e-mailed the doctor and he said it was fine. I LOVE that he has e-mail and is so quick to answer.