Is 8 cycles of R-CHOP chemotherapy normal?

Hello everyone,

I have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer.

After 6 cycles of R-CHOP chemotherapy every 3 weeks, my cancer doctor has told me that "metobolic CR attained". The "CR" means "Complete Remission". He said that the tumors I had are all gone. He wants to do 2 more cycles of R-CHOP chemotherapy to consolidate metabolic CR. Just kind of wondering if anyone else has dealt with having to deal with 8 cycles of
R-CHOP chemo before.



  • jimwins
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    8 Cycles R-CHOP
    Welcome Stealth,

    I had R-EPOCH 6 cycles. I did a little research and it appears
    6-8 cycles is the norm for R-CHOP.

    Hopefully someone here who has had 8 cycles will respond soon.
    I'm glad you're in complete remission! Yay!

    Just wanted you to know someone was listening.

    Hugs and positive thoughts,

    DX: DLBL 4/2011
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  • vinny59
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    Hi, I had eight cycles of R-CHOP, I didn't go into remission till the eight cycle. Did you have bone involvement????? Maybe that's when you recieve eight..... Vinny
  • toledotom
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    8 cycles of R-Chop also!
    My chemo was interupted for 2 abscesses in my gastrinal area and he said due to me missing one session he wanted me to go with 8 sessions and make sure the Cancer cells were not alive and breeding! I am having some Post chemo problems with my digestive tract and muscle pain though!
  • stealth478
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    vinny59 said:

    Hi, I had eight cycles of R-CHOP, I didn't go into remission till the eight cycle. Did you have bone involvement????? Maybe that's when you recieve eight..... Vinny

    Hi Vinny and the others that have replied to my post, I appreaciate it!

    No, I did not have any bone or bone marror involvement. They did a bone marror biopsy before I started chemotherapy and the results came back as no cancer in the bone marror. Maybe it is because I had 3 cancer tumors, one in my neck (parotid tumor), one in my liver and one in my pancreas. The doctor did mention that having 3 tumors in these 3 different locations made my situation unique and because of this, an additional 2 cycles of chemotherapy would be needed after complete remission (CR) to make sure all of the cancer is out of my body.
  • JoanieP
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    I had stage 3 follicular NHL. My chemo started in Mar 09 and had complete remission in June on the 2nd. I had a total of 6 chemos. I wish you well.It's great to be on the other side. You will be there soon. Life is so precious.
  • dance-partner
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    We're facing that too...
    I'm new here and am so happy to find this site! Have found answers to many questions - just hearing that others are SUCCESSFUL with this scary disease is very inspiring!!! Thank you all for sharing your problems,answers, and stories.

    My husband finished his 6th and last (we thought) chemo (R-CHOP) the day after Thanksgiving. About 10 days later, his doctor called to say he was recommending 2 more. It was a discouraging blow because we thought the treatments were behind us. Celebrated and all that. However, he's getting his "game face" back on and will get through this. He did have bone marrow involvement (65-75% DLBCL) so we're thankful the treatment is aggressive. Much as he hates the treatments, they are the best option we have. It probably would have been easier, mentally, had we expected the 8 treatments from the beginning - maybe that is where you are also.

  • po18guy
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    16 cycles
    I first had eight cycles of EPOCH given on days one, two and three of a seven day cycle, followed by a Neulasta injection on day four. Received this for eight cycles. Then I received eight seven day cycles of GVD. But, I had a buncha stuff going on, including the marrow.
  • Toughasnails
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    vinny59 said:

    Hi, I had eight cycles of R-CHOP, I didn't go into remission till the eight cycle. Did you have bone involvement????? Maybe that's when you recieve eight..... Vinny

    May I ask a question?

    My dx was NHL small cell, I have no tumors it was all in my marrow, 74 percent was taken up. Was that you situation? I don't care 6 or8 cycles I just like to be prepared. If you had bone marrow involvement are they talking about a marrow transplant with you? My doc wants me to get a consult but is not sure if it will be necessary he wants to see how good a remission we get.

    He was gentle at the start my marrow was so occupied he did 4 weeks once a week Retuxin, then he did two cylcles CVP and now the next time out since the marrow has cleared he wil add in the Adriamicin for a full CHOP every 21 days until September which will give me 7 cycles of full CHOP. My red counts were so low he was afraid to deplete my in the beginning. The gentle approach is appreciated the chemo has been a cakewalk compared to my first go around with Neupergen I never had the flu so the side effects were horrendous my sympathy to people that do catch the flu.

    Thank you stay well,
  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    Number of Cycles

    The number of cycles for nearly all chemos can be adjusted/altered by the doctor, based upon many clinical factors, such as severity of disease (Stage, etc.), response to initial doses, and so forth. I had HL, and did 12 cycles of r-abvd, although abvd is usually a little less toxic than r-chop, which is usually for NHL. Some HL patients get as few as 2-3 cycles of abvd, so my 12 cycles was due to being Stage 3, and my age at the time (53 then). I was very glad to take treatment that long, despite a few significant side-effects. I suspect that your doc is just playing it safe. It is way better to end things with first-line therapy than to have to go back for second-line, such as Stem Cell transplantation, and the like.

    I hope the total remission holds for you !

  • Qmomani
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    get well


    I wish the best for all, and hope all to get well