Ugh - forget about praying for me

Earlier today I asked for your prayers as I await the results of my first checkup. A short while later, some friends from church lost their 5th grade son in an accident. Truly, it puts even cancer in perspective. Please join me in praying for them and all those who've suffered a loss today.


  • NanaLou
    NanaLou Member Posts: 71
    I will not forget about you
    There are plenty of prayers to go around. I will pray for this family to receive comfort and healing from the lord. I will also pray for you to get great results from your test. God can do all things.
  • Katielynn
    Katielynn Member Posts: 61
    How sad....I can't imagine being in that situation....I pray God comforts them in their time of loss....and I won't stop praying for you....Hopefully by Monday we'll both get some good news...Take care, Katie
  • growler9
    growler9 Member Posts: 48
    Prayers for your friends and for you MG
    So sad. The loss of a child is beyond compare and you need to be healthy to help them through this time of need.

    Best wishes and thoughts for you all. Alan