This is a difficult board

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I just learned of this board the other day (I'm from the EC board). This forum seemed to break my heart. The EC board is sort of a place to learn what is what and what to do about all the whats that creep up.

I am caregiver to my mom (84, Stage II). Currently going through chemoradiation. She isn't quite halfway through the first round.

Seems I never leave the house w/o my folder of paperwork - and boy was I glad once that I had it with me for a routine day that proved anything but that! On the way to a 6:30 pm radiation treatment had to detour to the ER. Mom stayed 5 days. So many questions fired at me and I had my trusty folder full of info - whew!

Mom has a cousin who stays with her about 4 days, then I bring her home with me for a few days. Mom loves to be in her house and I don't blame her.

My only SIL is now on Whole Brain Radiation Therapy for mets to the brain from breast cancer. My heart goes out to my brother who struggles through our mom with EC and his wife with brain cancer (plus other areas of the body that will be treated with chemo once WBRT is over. He's got a very difficult road to travel.

I am glad I was told about this board, but boy, is it hard to read! I try really hard to not cry. Doesn't seem to work very well though.


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    Hi Ginny and welcome. It's been a happy/sad week here with Kelly losing Mark, but she had prayed for his release for a while.

    I understand some of what you are feeling. I care for my 81 year old mother, who has battled ovarian cancer for 3 years. Hospice started yesterday, and I am so relieved to have some professional help keeping her comfortable at home.

    I love the picture you have posted here. It tells a lovely story.
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    Hi Ginny......
    Yes, this is a difficult board, but it is my salvation. Only place where I can scream like a banschee and not be laughed at. I am ever so grateful for a place to let out my frustations and share my problems. At the same time I can lose myself in someone elses pain for a few minutes and forget about some of mine. This is the support group that I needed long before I found it.

    Welcome, Ginny and come often. We need each other here.

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    Welcome Ginny
    Hi Ginny,

    I'm a survivor and I suppose a caregiver in the sense that I've
    been lucky enough to be able to take care of myself for the
    most part.

    I sometimes visit the other boards too. You are right - it is hard
    to read some of these things and it has made me cry. It has also
    made me realize how fortunate I've been in my journey so far.

    There are many positives too - just to see that humanity, compassion,
    care, love and selflessness are indeed alive and well.
    So I think there's not only hope for cancer but for the world too.

    You are welcome here and I love the pic too!

    Hugs and positive thoughts,

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    The photo was taken by my
    The photo was taken by my Niece at my 61st b-day party. I am in the pink reading a birthday card, and mom is standing beside me. It almost looks like w'ere in church or something because of the stained glass in the background. That's a lovely round stained glass picture of a parrot, of which I have four live ones.

    We had a lot of fun that day.

    I'll just grab tissues and come visit this forum.