OT - Lady Antebellum and my grand daughter

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Ok, my 7 year old grand daughter is only partially verbal. (She has autism) She has been humming this new tune for about a month. Now keep in mind that my music is limited to what ever she wants to listen to which lately has been Celine and Disney music.
We have been trying to figure out what song she has been trying to sing. I had no idea who Lady Antebellum is. (We had the same problem with "Poker Face" a couple of years ago)
The sitter figured out that it is "Need you now" so I down loaded it to her ipod this am. She was totally amazed to have it at home now. She only had it with the sitter before.
For the last 7 hours we have been listening to mostly this one song.
Now she is dancing and lip syncing in front of the mirror. Totally hilarious!

It's the little things in life!



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    That is such a neat story
    That is such a neat story and I bet it is a wonderful time and will be treasured memories for life!! Isn't it amazing what music can do for us? Thanks for sharing this story, it gave me a smile and the warm fuzzies.
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    How lovely~thank you for
    How lovely~thank you for sharing this with us. I have just recently come to know the joy of having a grandchild in the house; we care for our 2 year old granddaughter 4 days a week..I can so see how the "little things in life" as you said are truly Big Things! Their joy and shared experiences enrich not only them, but us as well. Whether it be Lady Antebellum, or, as with my grandaughter Calliou from the Sprout Network, it is so fascinating what brings them pleasure! And I am sure that the dancing and lip syncing is bringing you ear to ear grins! YAY YAY YAY!!!