Friday hello

Hi All

I just wanted to say hello. I hope everyone is feeling okay and has a lovely weekend.

I am waiting to hear from my Dr, he is supposed to call today. Still waiting.
Once I hear from him, I will post an update.

Thinking of you all


  • COBRA666
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    hey there
    How have you been. Just thinking about you earlier. keep us updated with what the Dr says. Been getting cold here in N.Carolina the past few days. Its probably still warm where you are. Glad you dropped in and be thinking of You. John
  • jimwins
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    Hey Lisha
    Always good to hear from you.
    So keep us updated.


  • vinny59
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    Hi Lisha, wishing you well! Vinny
  • allmost60
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    vinny59 said:

    Hi Lisha, wishing you well! Vinny

    Me too!!!
    Hey Lisha,
    You are such a sweetie for checking in and putting our mind at ease on how you are doing. I'll be waiting to hear what the doctor has to say. Take care my friend and know you are loved, as is everyone here. Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)