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Hi. I am new to the discussion board and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joe and I am a Hodgkins disease "survivor". Sorry about the quotes but here's my background:

first diagnosed in 2000
clean for 8 years, relapse found on a routine scan
had an auto stem cell bone marrow transplant
relapsed almost a year after the BMT to the day
had a second, allo transplant in June of 09 with my brother being a 100% match
now have chronic GVHD of skin and eyes, being treated with photopheresis and rituxan

To say I've been through the ringer is an understatement but I'm still here as are the rest of you. Best wishes to everyone. Feel free to ask me any questions.


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    I used to be known as 1/2 of the Welcome Wagon to new members.....So Welcome to the site you really don't want to be on,but you will find a wealth of info here. The people here are more than willing to share info and hope and will guide you in the right direction. They really helped me when I came on board about a year and a half ago. I have NHL stage 4 grade 1,but am currently in remission. If you have any questions please ask and someone will answer you. By the way,the other 1/2 of the Welcome wagon will get back to you soon I am sure. She has become a great inspiration for us all. John
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    Welcome Joe!
    Thank you for sharing your story. You have come to the right place if you are looking to be able to share, vent, and ask questions. I am fairly new to the board as well but everyone here is so awesome. I have been in remission for less then a year but to hear you went eight years before your relapse does give me hope, so thank you.