Long Term Side Effects on 22 year old :(

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hello! I was diagnosed with AML in 2008, had a BMT, and thankfully in remission ever since. So happy! But now suffering with side effects. Im only 22 years old but have been through menopause, and have osteoporosis due to the radiation. Im just having a hard time being so young and dealing with these issues. Its very very negatively affecting my sexual health. I know this is all TMI but I just feel lost. Has anyone been through anything similar?


  • Tracie1981
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    Dont feel lost
    I'm so sorry you are going through this at such a young age. I didnt have leukemia, I had hodgkins lymphoma and was diagnosed a year ago at 29. I too have gone through the same issues that I shouldnt have to deal with for another 15 years but it is a small price to pay to be alive. It is really hard to see the positive especially when its happening to you, but try and keep your glass half full. God Bless and Take Care! Tracie
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    im 22 yrs old also
    Well about to be 22 in this month!! Girl, i know how u feel i am in remission just had my BMT in oct 5 whoa and other then that its hard though. Like i wish i was back to my normal life and etc. I have my bf who has been there with me at all times and i thank god for that. Aabout ur sexual health that worries me at first i swear it was like just not there for me nd now we happy able to have relationship but im scared like you say, sumtimes i feel like sick and like if it wus affecting my sexual health. The menopause for what i know is because now u dont get your menstrual period right im so scared idk what to xpect. Girl, just take care yourself and god bless you.