Length of Remission

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My dear wife, Cindy, was in remission for 11 month and the monster came back while on Taxol maintenance. She is now taking Carbo, Gemzar, and Avastin, assuming she gets back in remission, is there a chance her next remission could last longer? Any ladies out there with a similar experience?

The original Carbo and Taxol treatment obviously was working because of the Carbo only. I hoping that the new chemo regimen will be more effective giving her a longer remission.

We will go back for CT scans in 5 weeks.



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    sorry to hear
    my chemo of carbo/taxol was for 6 months and then I had a reacuurance 6 months later. I went back on the same chemo and I am now ned for 7 months. Everyone responds different and I hope this mix will get your wife to another remission for a very long time.....val
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    After my first reoccuance I
    After my first reoccuance I was in remission for about a year, when I had a metasties. I was diagnoised dec2008 with ovarian cancer 3c. Recieved carbo and taxol for six treatments, followed by the year remission. A metasties June 2010. Went on carbo and taxol and avastin for six treatments. After series,I have been on just avastin. It's been ten months. I truly believe the avastin has extended my remission. For how long we will see. Judy