A good day with Mark

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After yesterday's disaster. Today is a much better day. He is staying on the blow up mattress and is not in any pain. His blood sugar level is a bit high but I am taking care of that with the sliding scale and doing a good job.

Today while I was talking my nap (I do when he does) I was on the couch and he grabbed my hand and held it. As I was asleep I had the best dream, it was almost real like. Mark was loving on me (still being sick but during the early days) and kissing me and telling me how much he loved me. Then next thing he was in the mood for a burger, I said "burger and onion rings or fries". Then he was sitting in the living room window sill (which is sortof impossible) he stated to me that "I feel the spirit". This was such a great dream. And as soon as he stopped holding my hand I immediately woke up!! But when I woke up I felt so peaceful knowing he is not in any pain and we connected moreso while it being in a dream. I told him that I had this dream and he smiled. He is in and out of conscienceness and sort of alert and coherent sometimes.

As we were watching the football games today he kept looking up at me on the couch. Probably to make sure I was still there. Any time I do get up I tell him that I am getting up and I will be right back. Tell him what I am going to do.

His brother called today. Talked to me more than Mark because Mark is having a hard time holding anything. I have to hold the phone up to his ear. Mark's brother has this feeling that this may be the last time he will talk to him and I agreed to a point. Maybe one more time...maybe two..So tonight I will probably sleep on the couch and hold his hand again. Maybe we can connect in our dreams together. Even though that couch hurts me I will be honored to be by my ailing husband and take aspirin in the am to get rid of the ache it gives me.

Thanks for listening!!!


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    Oh Kelly, your story has

    Oh Kelly, your story has brought me to tears... But your words are so full of love and caring that they still make me smile when I think of the love that you both share. I wish you peaceful dreams tonight, and many more.

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    I read both of your posts...just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and Mark. It is almost 6 months exactly since Frank died and I have been thinking about those moments when he was at home with hospice...both terrible, and beautiful. Bless your heart, Kelly, you are doing a wonderful thing for your husband, and he knows it.

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    It's amazing how dreams can both reveal and heal.
    It was beautiful Kelly and certainly depicts a
    connection that goes beyond the conscious.

    My heart goes out to you guys.

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    Kelly, the downs make the ups so much better.....
    Hope Mark's day was good today. Your story is warm and moving and I know your battle is fierce, but you are fighting it with such grace.

    While Mark holds one hand, know that we are all holding the other in whatever manner we can. We send you love, caring and understanding with as much compassion as we can send your way.

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    A wonderful gift
    What a wonderful gift that day of peace must have been. And such a lovely dream. Thanks for sharing - I wish you both more lovely dreams.
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    I am so gald you had that
    I am so gald you had that time together! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! You are both in my prayers. ((((hugs)))