Genetically predisposed to cancer

I saw my oncologist recently and she told me she thinks I'm genetically predisposed to cancer as I've just recently been diagnosed with my third different cancer. The silver lining is that they've all been caught early enough. Wondering if any one else has heard this from their onco or any other Dr's? I have consult for genetic screening coming up but will need to have my insurance cover it before I have the actual testing done.


  • Tux
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    genetically predispositioned for cancer
    I have certainly heard of it, but have no direct experience. When I was dx'ed
    the oncologist kept asking about cancer in my family. Interestingly enough, I have
    had 4 uncles who died--- 3 from cancer & the other from an auto accident when he was
    younger. No history of bc in family. Hope that you can get some answers from your testing.
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    Genetic Testing
    If you're the first one in your family to get genetic testing, it costs about $3500....BUT most insurance companies cover it. I hope yours is one of them. Now, if someone in your family has already been tested, you can take those results with you for your testing and they charge about $750. The difference is in the 2nd scenerio, they have something to go on-they only look for the same genetic markers, not run the whole test. I'm pretty sure the only lab in the US that does the test is Myriad. I had this test done and yep I have the gene. A few of my siblings took my results and got tested and fortunately for them, they were all negative. Wishing you all the best as you go through this process!