Miracles do happen

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Hello everyone

These past few weeks I've read so many of your wonderful stories as I have been awaiting my surgery. I was diagnosed in August with a 12.5 cm cyst on my right kidney....softball size. I had no signs like so many it was found on a CT scan looking for something else. My doctor used the divinci robot and had a radical nephectomy two weeks ago. I came home the next day , slept on the incision after 6 days and take only a pain pill at night.
Everyday my pain seems a little less.

Today was my first visit with the doctor and I was so scared. I prepared myself for the worst but hoped for the best. Everyone I know was praying for me. Well miracles do happen. My doctor walked in with a big smile on his face and told me it was a benign cystic nephroma. He said this is only found in 5% of all renal cysts. Yes my prayers were answered......there is no other explanation. I'm a 62 yr old female who just retired from teaching this June .....so I'm hoping for a long life cancer free. Just remember God is there for all of us.


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    Hey Dorie- Great news! It
    Hey Dorie- Great news! It seems you've worked hard. Made it to retirement. Had a big scare with a sorta happy outcome, if you call losing a kidney happy.

    All that's left to do is...PLAY DAMMIT, PLAY!

    Best wishes, Alan.
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    Happy for you
    Dorie -

    Thanks for sharing your story. Even for those of us who weren't "lucky" like you, it helps remind me I am still very blessed - found my cancer early, it was all contained and I'm feeling better every day. I would think losing a kidney was worth knowing you don't have cancer! Congrats!