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Hello, Thanks all for the great welcomes. I know that just being here with you all I can get through this. I went to the Dr yesterday and my pet scan showed that the cancer has not spread and my MRI of the breast showed that it it still just in the breast but with a couple of lymph nodes as well.
I have a appointment next Thursday with the surgeon it is taking so long.Then for more bad news I had to get on medicaid because we have no ins and all the plastic surgeons won't take it so I am so confused as to how I am suppose to get the reconstructive surgery done when they don't take medicaid.Does the surgery have to be done a certain way for the reconstructive surgery? I hate to have to keep getting surgery that in it self scares me.I have a echo cardiogram on Monday to check my heart before chemo, I have a heart murmur have since I was a baby. I will update again after I find out more.Thanks again, Kat


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    Hi Kat
    Good news that the cancer has not spread, so, congrats on that! I don't know anything about medicaid or a mastectomy and reconstruction Kat. I had a lumpectomy, followed by rads. I know the other pinkies here will chime in and give you some good advice.

    Good luck with the echo cardiogram Monday!

    I will be watching for more updates from you.

    Sue :)
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    so sorry about Medicaid....I
    so sorry about Medicaid....I know my daughter who works full time...until yesterday NO benefits had medicaid...and NO ONE takes it around us...she called many mnay offices and wont' take it..
    DO you have a social worker or case manager to help you..?

    I wish you the best...