going in again

Well it's back and they are going in again as soon as they get the other two surgeons on board, not sure why but I'm very anxious about going in this time, not sure if it because if the fact how much time we lose when we are recovering and the holidays are near and its my fav time to get to do for my family and friends or that it will be dissapointing to face how little people in my day to day care about me


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    We care
    Hi Height,
    I'm so sorry you are dealing with a relapse, that is so difficult in itself. Hopefully it's early enough so that by the time the holidays are here you will be past this and feeling better. Every time another procedure is thrown at you I think the anxiety increases, which would be a normal way for you to feel, so don't take it as foreboding. I also get pleasure by doing for my family especially around certain times of the year, but you need to take care of yourself and I'm sure your family will understand. I think your day to day people care more than you realize, maybe they just can't express it, but in any case please know that I care and many people here too. You are not alone. I wish you the best with your surgery and let us know how you are doing. Take Care!
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    Going in again...
    Hi Height,
    So sory you've had a recurrance. If you have time and feel up to it could you briefly tell us a little more about your type of cancer. I was diagnosed with Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in June of 2010. I often wonder when mine will return as it is the kind that does come back and will require more care. I'll keep good thoughts and prayers that your surgery goes well. Hope to hear more from you. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-grade2-stage3-typeA) age 61.
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    I see you joined back in May. I guess you have just been reading all the post waiting to find a spot to post. I joined over a year ago and have NHL as well(grade 1-stage 4-typeA). If you could go into a little more detail about your diagnosis we could offer more help. It is hard to deal with this,but at least they have come so far in treatment in the past few years. John
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    I am sorry to hear that you are having to go through this again. Hopefully it will be easier than the first time and you will be feeling better soon .We all understand how hard it is to know you have to go thru this journey again.. Please know I am thinking of you and hope you will be in remission soon. Joanie