Gyn redux

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Here I go again.

So as you may remember, my "baseline" pelvic ultrasound in August showed endometrial thickening, an ovarian cyst and a fibroid... triggering an endometrial biopsy and the recommendation of either a hyst or every 3 month ultrasounds. The 1st guy I saw regarding the hyst said he would only do an abdominal incision so I did the biopsy, which was clear, and then opted to wait and talk to my MO. She set me up for a 2nd surgical consult and told me 1) She didn't want me to do endometrial biopsies every 3 months, and 2) She really had wanted me to do Tamoxifen for 5 years and then an AI for 5 years but if I have the hyst I can only do the AI and that for only 5 years or my bones will crumble...????? So Monday I see another Gyn and get yet another opinion.

I went online to fill out the patient history to avoid being at the appt 1 hour prior to my appt time and I think they need 2 sets of questions, 1 for young cool chicks and 1 for middle-aged old married gals. What does my child's name have to do with anything...looking for ideas to name their kids? And my sexual satisfaction???? Really, that has very little to do with Tamoxifen. Would they like to know my favorite color and style of lingerie?

Hope the doc is better than the questions on the history.

Anyway, what do you guys think? I am inclined to think I will just stay on the Tamoxifen and do u/s every few months. If some problem arises I am sure I can find someone to do the hyst. BUT, I will see what this doc says.

Thanks so much ladies!

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    I would opt for whatever
    I would opt for whatever feels right for you.