Nephew Update

Hi all:

Well, the staph infection and pneumonia on my nephew Brian has cleared up and he was moved from the hospital to a nursing home/rehab. Still has the trach in, but when his mom told him she loved him this past Sat. even though he was hard to understand, he told her, "I love you, too! I'm going to Chatt. this weekend and will see him sometime while I'm there. Thanks for all the prayers and continued ones. We've come a long way but have a long way to go! Now, I have a prayer request. Yesterday at Bible Study at church, Alma, one of my favorite little "old" ladies told us about her 25 year old grandson Peter. She had told us back during the summer he had passed out with a blood clot while in Calf. and was flown home and his mom was taking him to Crawford Long for blood testing; but when this became ongoing, Alma got suspicious; they had kept the real news from her; her husband and only child have both passed away several years ago and she has a very thoughtful daughter-in-law, but being suspicous of things she called her other grandson and asked what was going on with Peter. Well, she found out these blood testings have been you guessed it, chemo treatments. Seems they found a 1 lb. tumor in his pelvic region and are hoping with chemo to shrink it and possibly do surgery. She was so upset and I felt so sorry for her. So keep Peter in your prayers, please.

Not much else going on; hope everyone is doing well out there. I see by other posts that no one has heard from Judy or Jim (delnative). Like everyone else, I get concerned not hearing anything from them. But like someone did mention Jim had said he hoped to make the trip to the Holy Land with his wife; so maybe that's where he is and I don't know about Judy. Hopefully somebody will hear something soon. Take care! and God Bless!

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    Giving thanks for your nephewa progress and continueing to pray for healing.