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Just curious if anyone has experienced this chemotherapy. I personally do not have leukemia but I have a very rare lymphoma. I cannot find anyone who is experiencing any of the same treatments I am and I read on my chemo information packet that this drug was sometimes used to treat ALL. I was just wondering if anyone has used it, experienced allergic reactions, and just in general what the experience was like.



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    I underwent several months
    I underwent several months of L-asparaginase treatment for ALL. It was administered as injections directly into the muscle (IM as opposed to IV). I can't say I noticed any particular side effects that I could directly relate to it in particular as compared to the rest of the chemotherapy I was on. The only thing that really stands out is that it was an unfortunately uncomfortable procedure involved in injecting the drugs. The biggest thing I found helpful though was to put a zip-lock bag full of ice on the injection site for 15-30 minutes prior to the injection. This dulled the sensation pretty effectively and made things much easier. Hope that helps.
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    Hi there, I had a few months of L-asparaginase and it started as just painful upon injections and muscle tenderness. one day i experienced severe shortness of breath so they switched me to PEG invase of anaphylaxis
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    Regarding L-Asparagninase.

    I have only just joined this group and in fact this would be my first post..

    I am a long term survivor of ALL cancer having been diagnosed with it as a child of 10 years and now being 33. At that time Asparaginase was a common though relatively new drug in the fight against cancer and was effective with only minor side effects such as
    poor apetite and nausea and temps/mild fevers (bugger all in comparison to whats being treated).

    Unfortunately for myself the treatment had to be halted due to (at the time) and almost unheard of side effect Pancreatitis (I even featured in a medical journal or two because of it). At the time of my treatment only two other cases world wide had reported this effect in relation to this particular treatment.

    I have to enforce the rarity of such an event are so tiny that it's not a matter to be concerned and in the end did not impact on my overall treatment or prognosis (still 23 years and counting).

    Also the minor side effects are often not experienced together and sometimes not at all.

    Prior to my reaction I had been on the drug for 3 months and had only experienced a loss of appetite with the odd mild nausea.

    Ontop of everything else 23 years have past since I went through treatment not only has the drug evolved but so has the use, dosage and treatments including this drug. The risks are microscopic and the ressults are excelent.

    Best wishes