Second opinion

Hello ladies and gentlemen;

Well wanted to keep you guys posted on the following, went to the doc, and got my second opinion over the phone first my doc was surprised that my onc wanted to watch and wait but she got on the phone really quick started talking to some of her colleagues that specialize in all types of stuff including cancer, and at the end they all agreed that was the best thing to do for the moment to "watch and wait"... Is it only me but I really hate that phrase... Well she did mention that I have Follicular Lymphoma stage 4 and that its on my spleen, I've had for about a year now...well thanks in advance for listening out-there...




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    No..not just you...
    Hi Liz,
    No, it's not just you that dislikes that phrase. When my doctor told me we were going to "wait and watch" I thought she was crazy! My family and friends felt the same way when I told them, but after doing extensive research we found out that it's a very common practice with slow growing indolent NHL. I only had to wait one month before a new lump appeared under my jaw bone which swayed my doctor to start chemo. As long as you are checked regularly and you feel good, watch and wait is probably the best way to go. No need to rush into something until it's absolutely necessary. Keep us posted on things and try to stay peaceful as possible during this waiting period. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
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    Stage 4
    I am stage 4 as well. Its not in any of my organs,just in the 4 areas that make ie a stage 4. They said w&w with me as well. Less than a month later I started my r-cvp. I never got a second opinion. I was so messed up with the diagnosis I never even thought about it.Been in remission for 1 year now. John
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    Hey Liz
    I hope you are in watch and wait for a long time - ie they don't
    have to start chemo for a long time.

    But if that happens it's very doable and tons of folks here to
    support you. Try not to worry and keep your head up.

    We care about you.

    Big hairy hugs (well the hair will come back ;)),