Great Burn Medication for Radiation

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I had this great medication for my radiation burns. It's called "Radiaderm Radiation Relief System." It's a 2 step system wtih lactokine. Right after your radiation treatment, before you get dressed you rub this clear cool gel on your sight. It feels great, then you rub the soothing lotion on you when you get home. Put the lotion on you 3times a day. Ask your doctor for some free samples, so you can try it first. If you start using it from the start, it keeps you from getting burned. I got enough free samples to last me the six weeks, but if I needed more, I had to get it online. Ask your doctor about it. It's some great stuff!



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    wow good to know...
    I was

    wow good to know...

    I was very fortunate I did not get any burning at all...just square Tan on chest...I only used sample cream they handed out. I am light skinned and all but no side effects...thank goodness


    is what you mentioned script?
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    I wish I could!
    My doctor doesn't believe in using anything but cornstarch. Period. I am burning and getting an itchy rash. I argued with him that it's Friday and I can use something for a couple of days and it will be gone by Monday. He finally agreed to let me put polysporin ointment on today and tomorrow, but only on the eruptions and in the superclav area. He had the nerve to say, "we have to let her do this because she will do it anyway." Hey, if I were going to do it anyway I wouldn't be arguing with him! I am super-compliant, although mouthy. God, I hate radiation!