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It's been a hurry up and wait past couple of weeks. Had my yearly CT and they saw nodes in the thyroid gland the Dr. wanted checked more. Had an ultrasound of the thyroid, and yes the gland is enlarged and there are solid and semi-solid nodes.
Next is a nuclear scan of the thyroid; but since I had contrast dye during the CT, it can't be scheduled until 2 months after the CT. It's on my calendar for the third week of November and I will see the doc right before Thanksgiving. From what I read, further testing would lead to a fine needle aspiration biopsy. Then, who knows?
To refresh those new to the site, I had clear cell RCC Stage IV in mid 2006, with oepn surgery for removal of R. kidney, L. lobe of liver, set of cancerous nodes and a congenitally defective (but non-cancerous) gall bladder. Although all the surgeons felt they removed everything they could find, there were still cells developing. So I had a single node removed in 2007, and another in 2008, both testing positive for clear cell.
My mental attitude was down for a few days-the grief process at work-but I've seemed to get back up and am ready to carry on. Last night we had dinner at a Oriental restaurant with son, family and his in-laws. My fortune cookie read something like,"On your next test, you will have good results."
And one of the guys in the Cancer Support Group has a saying..."Don't go to the light."
So I went to a local high school and have committed time and money to working with the Student Clothes Closet. Did you know that some of our students don't have clothes to wear to school, let alone something new to wear. I hit Walmart's end of season racks and was able to get bags of tanks, T-s, etc. for $1.50 each. Once I pass the volunteer screening process, I'll be able to help a student as a "personal shopper" in the Clothes Closet. Then ther's work and for the next two weeks, I have Jury Duty.
There is a lot to keep me busy, and I don't plan on going to the light for a long time.

Regards to all and keep up your spirits as you deal with this cruddy disease.


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    Donna Lee - I'm sorry that you are going through this with your thyroid, and that you have to wait so long for it. I hate the waiting! It sounds like you have a yearly bout with the rcc - are you on any of the meds like sutent, or is it always surgery when things show up?

    I love your fortune in the cookie - I hope you saved it! And I think it is great that you are doing volunteer work, being a personal shopper sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you like to shop.

    I wish I could serve on a jury - the last time I was called was when my daughter was in kindergarten and she is now in her second year of college. I called them and asked if I could serve and they said I had to wait for my name to come up. I asked if they could put me at the top of the list, and they said they couldn't. It's ridiculous! When my kids were little it was a horrible time for them to call me, but now that my kids are grown and I have time, I can't seem to get called. Do you think you will enjoy jury duty, or are you dreading it?

    Hope you are having a good weekend,

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    Hey Donna Lee
    I'm sorry you're going through this again. I've had some recurrances too so know how devastating it can be. You're wise to find something that gives you purpose and keeps you busy. All the waiting can really make you crazy. You're fighting a good fight! Keep posting and let us know how things are going, please.