Blood Clot

womack1424 Member Posts: 38
So we decided to make the trip to Illinois from Texas to the Cancer Treatment center of America, and thank God we did. She had a CT scan today as a part of her intake workup and they discovered a blood clot in her superior vena cava, and immediately began giving her blood thinners. Her Dr. at home has not done a scan since June, how long could this have been there and how long before it would have killed her? Part of me is pissed off, but the major part of me is rejoicing that we are here and they have found it before it was too late. One small miracle, of which I hope there are more to come.


  • jimwins
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    I hope there are many more miracles to come.
    Keep us posted.


  • ddpekks
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    Miracles are great....
    Whether they are big or small, all miracles are a gift. So glad something good came out of this. Hugs and good thoughts your way.