Trying to save my brother

My family recently found out that my brother has stage 4 stomach cancer. The doctors immediately told my parents that there was nothing treatment would do because it was so far advanced and he was too weak to undergo chemo. My brother is 45 years old and has never been sick. He started with these stomach pains and went to the hospital only to be released with some medication that had NOTHING to do with cancer earlier this year. Last month the pain was so bad the ambulance was called to pick him up. The hospital first diagnosed him with Crones disease. Once they realize the medication was not working they began more test which later showed my brother had no stomach the cancer was coming out of the stomach pouch and was attached to his lower and upper intestine. He can not eat anything without it coming back up. The doctors told my parents 2-3 months if he is LUCKY!! WOW, right!!! He is a fighter you all. He is determine to live but we are not sure what we can do at this point. My parents went got a second opinion and they stated the same thing. New Orleans is not known for cancer treatment so I feel we are just in the wrong location to get help. Any suggestions. He has been hospitalized twice for dehydration because of course he can't eat or drink anything. The doctors can not put a feeding tube in because he has no stomach. We just want help!!! Am I fighting a loosing battle!! He was rushed to the ER today only for my parents to be informed that he is now vomiting bowel!! I know there is NOTHING to hard for God and I don't want to be selfish but I pray LORD please allow us more time with him, please take the cancer away. This hurts so bad. He is the only boy among 5 siblings and we are all having a hard time seeing him in so much pain.


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    I am so sorry to hear about
    I am so sorry to hear about your brother and can imagine how you all feel seeing him go through pain.However,I am equally glad that you believe in God. I felt like replying to you folowing my recent experience; an experience I would not want anyone else to go through. I recently lost my very intimate and close friend; someone I regarded not only as my big brother but my daddy.He was 59. Ever since his death,(4 months now); I have spent almost everyday in tears and now on antidepressant to help me. My advise to you is to sacrifice all you can in order to support, comfort and most importantly spend time with him. Tell him how much you love him. Let him understand that God loves him more and that he is save in God's hand, that if God decides to take him, he will be safe in God's hand. Ensure that every member of the family is by his bedside giving him support and praying for him. Remember, if God says that his time is not up yet, no matter how bad his condition looks like, he will still live irrespective of what the doctors say. But if God decides that this is the time to take him out of this world, then you will look back afterwards and be consoled that you were there for him to support and comfort him. In any case, THERE IS NOTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD TO DO. You all are in my prayers.
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    I will stand with you in this fight
    My brother is in the same exact position as yours.
    He is 30 years, the healthiest person you can ever come across and the life of any party.
    Like your brother he has been given 2 months to live!! I am beyond belief anger and needing help!
    He has not eaten since his diagnosis on August 11 for stomach cancer. He has a feeding tube that gets nutrition into him. He has lost weight rapidly. he can still move around freely
    however it takes alot out of him.

    We live in NZ so if the doctor gives up,thats pretty much it! Im looking for alternatives and prayers that our god is a merciful god and that my brother and yours can punch this disease in the face and live strong!!

    Please help if you know of any kind of alternatives xx
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    So sorry to hear about your
    So sorry to hear about your brother. This cancer is so cruel and unfair. I lost my 54 year old father after a three-year battle back in February and not a day goes by where I don't think of him. Do what you need to do to spend time and be with him, these are precious days. The discomfort makes you feel helpless, try to find peace for yourself and take deep breaths when you can. I think God only gives us as much as we can take before we are set free. My thoughts and prayers are with you, hang in there. Talk with your brother, rent a movie he thinks is funny, push doctors for recommendations. One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with this illness is the lack of research and knowledge existing.