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I had my prostate removed 8 years ago and am cancer free but am still leaking enough to use 1 to 2 pads/day. My urologist recommends the AMS Advance Male Sling or the Virtue Male Sling on his website. I am currently scheduled to have a sling procedure done on 1/11/11 and he favors the AMS Sling.

I would appreciate hearing about any experiences with either of the above slings and any thoughts as to whether I should risk going through with the procedure.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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    AdVance sling vs. Virtue sling
    Hello pmas,

    I will share my sling experience with you which may provide some insight into your sling selection.

    I may be the only person in existence that has been implanted with both a Virtue sling by Coloplast and an AdVance sling by American Medical Systems.

    The Virtue sling was implanted in July 2009 without my consent. I had consented to a "U" shaped sling such as the AdVance sling by American Medical Systems.

    The Virtue sling is a "four armed" contraption with a polypropylene mesh platform that, when tightly tensioned, squeezes nerves and tissue, among other things, inside the scrotum. For me, this caused long term intolerable pain.

    In addition to the continuous intolerable pain, my ten year pad usage increased form 1-2 pads per day to 4-6 pads per day immediately following the implantation of the Virtue sling.

    In December 2009, a reconstructive specialist of urology, at the Cleveland Clinic, was able to remove the mesh platform from my scrotum. Although my scrotum skin still remains extremely painful to touch, I no longer have the sensation of a plastic credit card sewn inside my scrotum.

    I do continue to experience major pain and suffering from the lower mesh "arms" that remain wrapped around my lower pubic ramis bones and extend towards my scrotum. Any time that I am seated, it feels like I am sitting on two steel cables extending from my lower pelvic ramis bones to the creases between my legs and scrotum. These stiff extensions often "sting" and "burn" for no known reason other than trauma to the pelvic nerves.

    Although I have tried repeatedly to find an pelvic orthopedic specialist agreeable to cut or scrape away the mesh that remains wrapped around my pelvic bones, I have been told that the mesh is embedded so deeply, in my body, that the risk of additional surgery is potentially greater than the benefits. The specialist that removed a portion of the Virtue sling last December told me that I am most likely looking at dealing with long term pain from the remnants of the Virtue sling.

    The only goodness from this Virtue sling fiasco was the implantation of an AdVance sling near the end of the 3 1/2 hour surgery to remove a portion of the Virtue sling one year ago.

    The Advance sling is working fantastic! After ten years of wearing pads, I am 100% pad free. I can cough, laugh, get up quickly and lift heavy objects without loosing one drop. Now, more than one year since the AdVance sling implantation, it appears the "totally dry" results are permanent.

    Please realize that every person's body is different and other's results may be totally different from mine. For instance, you might benefit from looking at Tallguy's postings on: His experience was different than mine but in the end he concluded that the Virtue sling was a failure for him and he was eventually implanted with an artificial sphincter.

    You might also want to look at the FDA's MAUDE REPORTS for device failures requiring intervention. Feel free to contact me if you have difficulty accessing these reports.

    It may also be worth mentioning that Coloplast recently began a second series of Clinic Trials for the Virtue sling. It is my understanding that, among other things, these FDA affiliated trials are to determine if a device is safe, effective and if it can be tolerated in a human body. I have not seen where Coloplast has posted any results from there first Phase IV Clinical Trials. This would be helpful to individuals like yourself that is attempting to make an informed decision.

    I would encourage you and others considering sling surgery to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions before deciding on the specific sling that you consent to for implant. Rest assured, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

    Best wishes,

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    male sling
    Are there still problems with the Coloplast Virtue sling
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    male sling
    Are there still problems with the Coloplast Virtue sling

    Coloplast Virtue Sling problems
    A Coloplast Virtue sling was implanted in my body without my consent July 2009.

    Due to ongoing intolerable pain, pelvic reconstructive surgeons were able to remove a portion of the Virtue mesh that was located in my scrotum during December 2009. The Virtue mesh that remains in my body today is a constant source of pain and discomfort.

    When I am seated, it feels like I am sitting on two steel cables. My scrotum skin remains extremely painful to the touch. I have now suffered this pain daily for two years and two months.

    After more than two years, I believe the Coloplast sling remains in clinic trials. It appears to me that they are still trying to figure out how to make this thing work, if it is safe and if it can be tolerated in a human body.

    I did not appreciate being a guinea pig for this device!

    Best regards,