I am currently being treated for cancer of the vocal cord. I have completed 27 out of 35 radiation treatments. A couple nights ago I began waking up in the middle of the night and with a very slight cough would bring up large amounts of phlegm. I have seen several posts here talking about excessive phlegm. Is this what they are referring to.when talking about excessive phlegm? This has so far only occurred at night? Thanks for any help and God Bless


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    Coughing it up at night is common and probably because you are in the reclining position and your throat is dry by now causing it to back up. You might try to sleep in a more "sitting up" position. One of my Dr. recommended that not only for phlem but acid reflux as well.

    Sounds like you are doing well.

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    Yes, that is normal and will
    Yes, that is normal and will probably get worse. Mucinex (Robitussin is same thing and cheaper) will thin it some making it easier to get out without choking. Also, salt and baking soda rinse sooths and helps heal the irritation. My husband only had the really thick, stringy stuff for about a week and a half. Still thick but not as bad as before. Now he uses only one and a half boxes of Puffs instead of three to four.

    Welcome to the group and Gos Bless.