New colonoscopy/biopsy scheduled

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I must say first off I feel blessed with my new drs & cancer center. As some of you know, about a week ago I went to IU Goshen Cancer Center for a 2nd opinion on my 'recurrent' anal cancer. Well let me just say this....the drs are so caring 2 of them called me personally this week to see how I was doing & let me know they met together to discuss my case further. (& what was decided) Then my surgical dr called today to scedule my colonoscopy for Oct 10th.
I'm praying they find the cancer is actually gone. (they feel maybe my last biop was done too soon) And yet I'm still nervous about what they may find (that may have been missed with my 'old' drs). I know I'm in good hands now & will be taken care of. But after all the ups & downs over this past year its hard not to be emotional.
Its hard to believe how caring my 1st cancer drs were when I needed treatment last year. Yet now I feel like just 'another patient' they need to treat. I even canceled my last appt. with my colon dr & they never called to check on me or ask why! That says alot to unpersonable some drs can really be.
I also met with a nutritionist at Goshen & she recommended some herbs for my tummy issues. So I am taking flax seed & enzyme capsules 2 times/day. They seem to be helping because I'm able to eat alittle more & not have a 'bathrm run' right after eating. I'm also trying to drink ginger tea when my tummy acts up but its 'spicy' & hard to drink much.
All in all....doing ok & just taking things 'step by step'. Will keep you posted of results after I have my new tests!

Blessings & hugs to my 'support group'!


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    Hello, I am so happy you are pleased with your drs and they are caring. I know when I was 1st dx I wanted a 2nd opinon and the oncologists set me up with Moffit. I was all set to go there then my aunt told me about a teaching professor I should go to. So I canceled all the Moffit and went to the profeesor. Well the oncologist found out I cancelled the Moffit and called me. That showed me that he cared about my case and my well being. He has been my oconolgist for both the anal cancer and a primary lung cancer. Plus he is very good looking which helps of course. I sure hope when they do your colonoscopy and biopsy they will find that there is no cancer, but it sounds like if they do find any they have a tx plan in mind thats less invasive. I wish you well. Lori
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    The way you are feeling now
    The way you are feeling now is awesome! It seems as if you actually found the place for you....this is a sary old disease and I believe trust, and faith in your medical team will take you far. Not politically correct, but God bless you...Lorie
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    I'm so glad things are moving along quickly with your new medical team. They sound very caring and that they are all on the same page. I wish you all the very best and I hope you'll keep us posted on how things go with your colonoscopy and what follows.