post surg

Well found growth on left kindey.Had partial removal 40 percent to be exact.Surgey was bad spent a week and half in hosp. every thing went wrong .But I am alive now as i read all the post somehow this has not changed my life .I had no real feelings going into it or coming out.I know it sounds strange.I hope that everyone that is fighting this comes out well and keep there chin up.


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    Wishing you well
    Dear reichstall,

    In my day 9 years ago they did not have partials. Partials allow you to save kidney function, but they are a more difficult and are a more lenghthly procedure. Those choosing partials should realize this when making their decision.Hopefully they will be able to resolve your problem without further difficulty. The good news is that they only choose partials when the tumor is small so that the likelihood of any recurrance is and should stay at a minimum.

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