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My friends. I'm very aware of all the wonderful resources you represent for knowledge on cancer. I know this from my journey w/head/neck cancer. I've just got done meeting with a good friend of mine who has been battling lung cancer for two years. I am *very* under qualified to ask detailed questions about his cancer. As such, I haven't reviewed the many posts on this board. I'm hoping to start a new thread so that I can hook him up with this board and he can then commence communicating with you himself.

Mike tells me he has non small cell (stage 4) lung cancer. His latest CEA is 19. After diagnosis 2 years ago, he had an ablasion(?) and then was put on Tarceva. One pill per day. My understanding is his latest CT scan shows new (renewed) growth on his lungs. No biopsy yet but I believe it's scheduled. He mentioned that the cancer may mutate and that is why Tarceva is not keeping the latest one at bay.

I have just a few general questions. I hope you can help.

- Where does Mike find out about new clinical trials now that the cancer is mutating?

- Mike is very much into nutrition / naturopathic treatment. Does anyone have recommendations for a naturopathic oncologist specializing in lung cancer?

- What is better. Radio frequency ablasion or cyroablasion?

- He has not had radiation / chemo treatments (beyond tarceva). Would there be any reason to not explore that route? I should note he works for himself and so there is a very big uncertainty with being out of work for extended periods.

- He believes he has a blood infection. Is there some reason why his oncologist would *not* order up a blood test?

Again, these questions are very basic I know. I really just want to jump start him on this discussion board. I know he will find it a tremendous source of knowledge and I hope peace and strength as well.



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    I don't have answers to your
    I don't have answers to your questions but I wanted to let you know that he is in my prayers and you are a good friend for reaching out for help to his questions. I am sorry nobody has commented on your post yet but I know someone out here will have answers you need or steer you in the right direction.