abdominal bulge from DIEP flap - anyone had this?

I had DIEP flap about a year and a half ago and have developed, or it kind comes and goes, that is an abdominal bulge mostly on the right side. The plastic surgeon at one point thought it was a hernia but then blamed it on my fibroid which at the time was huge. The fibroid of its own accord has since gotten significantly smaller however the bulge has gotten larger AND sometimes when I press into this area I get a wet squishy sound.

Has one had something similar? I do have an appointment with the plastic surgeon wednesday afternoon but was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on this so I could be a little more informed. I am having a 'nip and tuck', scar revision and port removal on 10/14 so I hey I could throw in a little extra if need be.

thanks Mariam


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    Yes I do have it
    I am so sorry and as always I do have it too. I have it on my right side the same as my mastectomy. My plastic surgeon wanted to fix it sewing and use mesh to keep it tide, however my husband does not want any surgeries, so put it on hold. It occurred after I finished Chemo, and my plastic surgeon said it was due to muscles weakness during Chemo 3 -4 months after the surgery. My physical therapist thinks several internal stitches came off. If you want to talk about it or have question PM me.
    I do know if you have noticed Our medical histories are very similar.
    Good luck tomorrow