On the Road Again!

Hi all:

I'm leeaving later today for Chatt. and then to Destin, FL tomorrow with best friends for a week! I've never been to Destin so really looking forward to it. Plan to see Brian, my nephew this afternoon. Last I heard was what I reported. They may move him to a step down unit soon but because of pneumonia still have him in ICU. Hasn't opened his eyes much but a little since last. Sun. but as we know these things come and go. I was looking at his picture last nite when his son Justin graduated from high school in May. He looks so proud and our prayers continue he will return to us. Thanks for all the prayers and continued ones and will check in with you when I return! God Bless!

Jan (Basketcase)

P.S. Anybody heard anything from Judy or Jim (delnative) lately?


  • Hondo
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    Hi Jan

    Take care on your trip and be safe. Will continue to pray for Brian and hope to hear some good news about him from you soon.

  • jim and i
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    Hi Jan,
    Sounds like a fun

    Hi Jan,

    Sounds like a fun trip. I live in Florida but have never been to Destin. I hear it is a nice place and plan to visit there when Jim is able to travel. Good to hear your nephew is progressing and will continue to pray for a full recovery. Also praying for you and friends to have a fun and safe trip.

  • sweetblood22
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    Safe travels.

    Have not heard from Jim or Judy lately.