most accurate

i always have pet scans, i never have cat scans, does anyone else have pet scans only? does anyone know which one is more accurate? (probally not spelled right)


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    PET only
    Hi scuttlebug,
    I just saw this post, but I posted my understanding about the different scans (and there are a few more good posts with more information too) under "My heart is breaking" post. I have only had PET scans also. Once I finish my last treatment in Oct (I'm on Rituxan only), my onc said she will probably alternate the two scans over the years so I'm not exposed to the radiation as much (and I'm sure the insurance will not cover the PETs). My question is, if I have never had a CAT how do they know what my baseline is when they do give me one? Something to ask the doc I guess.