liver mets

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Who on the board has liver mets? How are you doing with them and what was your treatment?


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    Hi Laurissa! I don't have
    Hi Laurissa! I don't have liver mets, but, saw your post and wanted to say hi to you.

    How are you doing?

    Sue :)
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    Hi, Laurissa, I have liver
    Hi, Laurissa, I have liver mets and I know a few others do, too. Mine is a small tumor on my liver along with the 3rd one on my breast. I just had my second treatment yesterday of Abraxane. The side effects for me, luckily, are very mild. It seems to be working, too because the "lump" on my breast is hard to detect now. I will have a CT scan in about 4 weeks to look at the progress (fingers crossed).

    If I remember correctly, you started your treatments a short time before I did. What are you taking and what have the results been? It definately sounds like your side effects are difficult for you.
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    I have liver mets ( among
    I have liver mets ( among other mets!) So far, as I am estrogen+ and have always responded well to hormone blocking drugs, I am on Faslodex injections, and Zometa infusions. The Faslodex was initially given every 2 weeks (X3) to get a level in my system, but now will be given once a month. I hope it works, as these shots are given in each butt-cheek (500 mg), the meds are as thick as maple syrup, and it takes almost a full minute to depress the syringe. It ALWAYS leaves a hand side knot on my muscle, bruising, and this time a water blister the size of a quarter where the needle went in! OUCH!

    I get labs drawn on the 23rd of this month~ and see my oncologist on the 26th~ depending on how ( or if) I am responding, I will stay on this treatment, or if I am not doing well, I qualify for a clinical trial and will start chemo.

    Hope this helps, sweet Laurissa! We are in this fight together! Love you!!!
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    Hi Laurissa
    Your not alone at all. I have liver mets as well. I just found out I have a reoccurrence in liver. Fist go round last year chemo killed all then I had surgery per my oncologist to remove scar tissue. Now 6 mos later I have 3 smalll spots on liver again and I am on a different chemo for about 6 months.. Ugghh. My dr said I would respond very well. So I will be praying this is it for a while. I will have cyber knife when thru my chemo.
    I did 4 rounds of A/C and then 12 weeks of Taxol and Herceptin.
    Now still on Herceptin and and a chemo called Navelbine. I go on Weds 2 weeks and then I have off a week. Just started and side affects for me on this seem to be much more tolerable at this time:)

    Prayers to u:)