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Hi all:

Just checking in and reporting I'm back home. I returned Sunday afternoon. It was a good trip. Charlie's family and I observed his 1 year anniversary quietly. The "boys" were overjoyed that Mama is back!I'm spending Labor Day in Chatt. with best friend and family at their campsite so should be fun as always. I did reconnect with Charlie's friend Jeff and his wife while in NC. It was so good to see him. If you remember I told y'all back in July that Jeff's brother Donald (an internist) had about a week to live had met. melanoma. Well, he passed away on July 11. So they are now dealing with that and as I told Jeff I knew how that was too to lose a brother. And speaking of reconnections last night I talked to a friend that I'd lost touch with years ago. She'd been looking for me and her son found me on Facebook so she sent me an e-mail. Now, I'm just on facebook and don't use it just go on to look at people's pix! I think Facebook may be the death of us all one of these days! Anyway she sent me her e-mail address. She was diagnosed with MS 22 years ago which I knew but she had the relapsing/remitting type so still does pretty good. A lot of weakness of course but still drives and all that. She did not know of course about Charlie so had to bring her up to speed on that. She dated Jeff's brother Archie for awhile and was with us at Livingston and got her Master's with Charlie. It was so good to hear from her. My friend Carol, that dogsits for me, is having a rough time right now. Her husband lost his job and was laid off last week and he is such a yucky person. Always blames her for everything so keep them in your prayers please. Yesterday I visited with Gladys (my brother's caregiver that we had). It's always good to see her. She's such a good cook! I took my laptop so I could show her the dvd the funeral home did last year and also the one that Judy from here had made for me. I had some other pix on there and she had not seen the ones Beki had taken of Charlie before he was cremated that I took for his mother and when she saw them and that grin, she said the sweetest thing, she said, "When Jesus took the breath of life from Charlie here he immediately breathed the breath of life into him on the other side, just like that - and snapped her fingers!" Just wanted to share that with y'all. Well gotta run. Hope all is going well with y'all and God Bless! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Jan (Basketcase)


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    Nomination for name change
    From "Basketcase" to "Basket of Energy". More power to you as you roll on by. You make me tired just reading the pace of your life. Live every moment with Godspeed!
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    Go Girl...
    You definitely have more energy than I do.....LOL.

    Glad all is well and you and they boys are together again...